Extra Work – Illustration 1

Extra illustrations 2018

Experiments with watercolour 03.02.18


Watched a video outlining a group of people that have taken up skateboarding and they’re in the their 60s.  I loved it.  The stereotypes being thrown out the window inspired me to do a quick doodle of Elizabeth from London aged 66.  The sheer joy in seeing something like this makes me happy as I’d love to give skateboarding a shot. 🙂




Extra illustrations 2017

A quick instagram doodle this morning and then a play about with PS to try and see would it work with some tinkering and effects.  I used a smooth diary page for the original and had gold and silver pencils.  There wasn’t any plan, I was testing out the new pencils and then it went somewhere and  I liked the effect of the marks.  It was looking like a hazy dream effect and then the figure morphed into a queen and then Alice appeared as I was thinking of the Gwen Steffani video that featured a bit of her falling into a hole like Alice.

After putting it into PS I thought it would look good with a gradient so I played about with colours related to the characters.  Blue for Alice, pink and red for the Queen.  It then progressed into an experimenting with some lovely PS features and effects and the final result is a mixed bag of things but it was more about the play this time as no real planning was involved.  I might try it again however, with a more focused intent and focus for it.

I think the doodle was quite cute and when it was converted to the book cover version it kinda lost a little of its edge.  I thought that the original might make a good teenage audience cover with a gothic type of twist and the second might be aimed for a more graphic novel version.

Either way it was a good exploration of some of the free tools in PS and it gave me the change to play around with aspects of it that I wasn’t familiar with.