Assignment 4 – Feedback

I got feedback from Part 4 Assignment 4 and Exercises so I will breakdown my reflections upon it.  I normally go through it, highlight the areas that were successful and highlight the areas that need working on.

Overall Comments: Screenshot (111)Screenshot (112)Screenshot (113)Screenshot (114)Screenshot (115)

I’m happy with the feedback and felt it echoed what the energy was in the exercises and assignment.  At the time when I was doing them a lot of energy and work was going into them.  That didn’t mean the energy was well directed though, and I think this is something that I’ve been wrestling with for most of the course.  The steps are laid out clearly enough but there is something stubborn in my approach that makes me skip a step or two and actually create more work for myself.

Something that also tends to happen is a heavy reliance on digital format as the finish.  That is fine if I’ve been playing about with other mediums first, but it seemed like I was always finishing the work this way rather than exploring other options.

I really found the comment about ‘making the brief my own’ really interesting.  I think this kinda hits the point about me skipping a step.  It’s like I’m eager to get the work done instead of actually connecting to it and simply letting it in.  Maybe this is part of the process of finding my voice and my signature in all this.  Trusting myself more.

I really felt that the menu exercise was the first time I really ‘got it’.  I had to revisit it but it was the full steps process that made it less stressful second time around.

So overall the feedback was helpful and pointed out things that I had felt about the exercises, thus showing me that a neutral person picked up on the energy of that through the final image and the various exercises.

For Part 5 I have a few aims that I’d like to introduce.  They were initiated in exercise 28 as I revisited that exercise as at the time I felt it wasn’t fully realized.

Aims for Part 5:

1 – Use the template as a means of focusing and keeping a track on what steps I’ve done and need to do.

2 – experiment more with other methods of creating something.  Linocuts, paper cutting and pretty much anything that isn’t digital.

3 – Try to connect to the brief more and don’t be afraid to state a style strongly.  Be more willing to throw in something random and try to hold back on the ‘finished piece’ mentality.