In between work

As I am finishing each exercise, there are days when I just can’t seem to focus on study or getting the job done.  So with these moments I let myself just see what happens and play around with ideas or go and focus on something new in Skillshare.

Something that I love to explore is surface design.  I’ve been following a few classes on Skillshare in relation to it and the enjoyment from playing around digitally or with watercolour, trying out patterns, is really relaxing.

These images are examples of the surface designs I’ve come up with while trying to learn Illustrator a bit more.  It’s still a software that I’m not fully fluent in and I love the potential of it.


Basic RGBfruit3_bak

In the last one I did some sketches of fruit before scanning it in.  I then used Photoshop to colour and duplicate to create a repeat pattern.

The colour schemes for all the images are quite successful I feel, but may be a little too strong in the first and second.  The third can be adjusted to any saturation so I saw this one as a pattern for a tea towel.

The first two were more suited for a fabric for cushions or in the first, a cover for a baby blanket or outfit.  The second scheme is too bold for that so would suit an accent cushion cover or cover for a journal perhaps.

Either way I like the idea of repeat patterns and creating a mixed media piece that could be used on fabric or mugs or stationery.