In between work

I’ve been experimenting with ways to doodle on my commute and save time having to scan the images in and create some art from them.  The commute is an hour each way, and sometimes it is just too difficult to get out the sketchbook and pencils if the bus is packed.

I wanted to get some apps for my phone that would allow me to doodle and meet my sketch aims for the day until I got home.  However I got frustrated with them as I prefer the good aul pen and paper route.  So I did some research and found something that would encourage me to doodle and then could go straight to a file on my phone and be used in conjunction with some apps to get a more finished image and feel productive.

The bamboo slate was the best reasonably priced tablet type thing I could get.  It has a pad and pen and you doodle the way you would on a normal sketchpad.  The pen is a little clunky but for basic A5 drawings and doodles for travel it seems to be working.  When my sketch is finished I simply press a button and it is magically transferred to my phone.  It’s all very witchcrafty, but I love it.

I did a quick doodle yesterday while I had some minutes to spare in work.

These were emailed as a png and then worked on in Photoshop.  The nice thing about the bamboo slate is that it has an option of back tracking your drawing.  You can rewind effectively and use various parts of that image if you made a mistake.  For example, the second image has the ribbon off centre.  I could rewind to the point before I drew it and then go with that.

Saving it as jpeg might be better but the options are png, pdf, jpeg and an svg file that I am not sure about.  Either way, the fun in being able to draw on paper and then have it instantly loaded instead of having to wait to scan it at home, is deadly.


So this is the little poster completed and I have to say I’m chuffed with the fun aspect of this project.  Using the slate in the A5 size is really comfortable and it’s easy to stick in my handbag and commute with.  It’s in the clipboard form so I bought a 10″ universal tablet cover to protect it as some reviews mentioned the button can be switched on accidentally in the bag if it isn’t protected.

I then went one step further and turned the doodle into a book cover.


I quite like how it turned out and I feel like the combo of using sketches and doodles and converting to easy to edit forms is really handy and useful.  It is definitely something that made me want to play about with more apps and explore quick sketches more.


Anyway, for gadgets it’s a thumbs up from me as this little gem has got me curious about apps and combining work in a more efficient way.  We’ll see where it goes.