In between bits

In between the course work I’ve been experimenting as much as possible.  Sometimes it works out and most of the time it doesn’t.  I’ve been exploring the lino cutting art thing a bit more and then typography from the ‘giving instructions’ exercise took me off on a bit of a tangent looking at skillshare videos on how to use brush pens and create lovely fonts.

So here are a few of the things that I remembered to take a photo of.  Most of the stuff I did was on scraps of paper and sometimes in work at lunch, and more often than not I either gave a card to someone else or gave somebody a doodle but forgot to take a picture of it.

This year I think instagram will help me record anything that I doodle in case I throw it away for some reason or forget to scan it and keep it.

So this bunch of doodles were quick ones to see what type of image and font would work well together.  Simple biro was used for the top 4.  Watercolour was used with masking fluid for the bottom two.  I hadn’t used masking fluid before so found it a bit tough to work with.


Next are a bunch of doodles done in various sketch books.  The first is a card I gave to my Twin Teacher as she was going travelling in the new year.  I used a brush pen and some watercolours lightly applied for a small amount of colour.  The brush pen was also used in the other images where I was testing out fonts for the tea instructions.  The last is a test with pencils and pressure.

These images are a few more doodles coming up to Christmas while I was commuting.

These images were messing about with the font and creating a word from the food or the intention behind the word.  I like the noodles version and the kimchi, but that is probably because they’re food related.

The images linked with the nose was related to a workshop in writing that I went to.  The theme was set and the idea was to create some sort of setting or dialogue around ‘things that disgust you’ and we had arrived on this topic after a brainstorming session.

The tree was created as a way to help promote donations for charity before Christmas as we organized to do a collection instead of a Secret Santa.  The watercolour sketches were simply my way of responding to a very stressful week in work.

The three below were testing out new pens and markers.  I was still on the typography buzz so tried out different things with a purple marker while the quick doodle was blue biro.

This is one more doodle from the sketchbook on the bus, and there are plenty of other doodles in sketchbooks which will go up on the site at various stages.  This was using a lovely pen called a Pilot Frixon ball pen, that you can rub out if needed.  Very smooth drawing with it which is great for the bus journey.