Gallery visit

Last week I had the chance to go to a workshop in Temple Bar in Dublin, which was showcasing work by an Irish graffiti artist, who lives in the US, called Maser.  The workshop was focused on explaining the process and development of his work which is currently featured in the Graphic Studio Gallery in Temple Bar.

The interesting aspect of his work is the beautiful velvety finish of the ink and the way he allows ink colours to mix to achieve a finish.  He didn’t allow the ink to dry and then print again, he kept the inks wet and so mixes and overlaps were created.

He managed to keep very clean lines and colours didn’t bleed into one another.  He worked in wood and created wood cuts as well as using copper

It was fantastic to get an idea on how the work was produced and the various stages in making a finished piece.  I hadn’t heard of the artist before visiting the gallery, yet his work has been around Dublin and was very prominent and something I saw and liked.

Here are some pictures from the workshop and from the gallery, and for further information on Maser please follow the links.  If you’re in the area, go visit! 🙂   and