Exercise – sketchbook doodles

Just posting some random sketchbook doodles that have been completed over the last while.  I picked a few and chose these as they were closest to hand.  I have a few sketchbooks full of odd bits and pieces so hopefully this gives you some idea of things.  The bits and pieces ones tend to be doodles on the bus into work.  More detailed ones are when I have more time to give the image or I’m focused on a specific thing.

I’m using drawing-tutorials-online for life drawing as there are no classes close to where I live.  This website is subscription for me but they give a lot of free pdf images away and they’re well worth the subscription.

The sketch of the city landscape is a very very rough sketch of my desktop wallpaper.  It was found randomly online on a google search for streets but I don’t have the artists name for the original image unfortunately.